Mortgage Loan Interest Rates

  • Erstellungsdatum: 26-06-18

Mortgage Loan Interest Rates: Avail HDFC's loan against a property for your personal or business needs. Both residential and commercial properties can be mortgaged for taking a loan against property.

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Looking for a place - cristina, marco, maria

  • Erstellungsdatum: 28-06-18

Hi friends! We are three young architects from Italy looking for a place to stay during the conference (couch, floor, whatever :) ), we are presenting a paper on the 22nd but will stay in Malmo from 21 to 25 August! See you there!! Cristina, Marco, Maria

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Looking for a couch

  • Erstellungsdatum: 29-06-18

Hi, my name is Michele, I am an Italian guy working in Brussels and I will be attending the conference from the 21st to the 25th. I am looking for a couch, floor, sofa or whatever during the conference period. I will be delighted to share some time with…

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Looking for couch! :)

  • Erstellungsdatum: 30-06-18

Hi everybody ! I am looking for a place for the all week of conference, a bed, sofa, or floor is great ! Let me know! This kind of event is not only knowledge sharring, but also human sharring, and can be great to meet people that have common struggle and…

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Looking for a sleeping spot

  • Erstellungsdatum: 02-07-18

Hey everyone! I'm Isabella, an Economics student from Berlin, and I'm looking for a a place to stay during the Degrowth-Conference. Couch, floor, anything is fine! Thank you!! Greetings, Isa :)

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Looking for a place to sleep during Degrowth Malmö

  • Erstellungsdatum: 04-07-18

Hi all,  My name is Tom Makled. I'm a degrowth organizer and environmental policy graduate student from Michigan, USA, and I'll be looking for a couch or floor to sleep on during the conference.  I love to share meals and would like to offer my time to…

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Sharing experience

  • Erstellungsdatum: 08-07-18

Hi everyone! My name is Nina and I am gonna be a volunteer at the conference, during lunch/coffee breaks:). I am coming with two more friends, both presenting their papers during the event. We come from Barcelona and Naples, but we've been living in…

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Willkommen auf der Degrowth Malmö Börse für Schlafplätze und mehr. Bei Fragen meldet euch bei accommodation AT . // Welcome to the Degrowth Malmö Börse for sleeping spaces and more. If you have any questions, contact accommodation AT .