Who would have thought that the free country was just a chuckle, the staff was raised, and a transparent film appeared around the body, which turned away the opponent's attack! Fiery staff frightened, obviously looked down on the opponent, but it was too late to repent, the ice dragon cub flying down in the air, a frost dragon breath let Fiery staff lost more than fifty thousand points of blood, although this summoning object is not very strong, but the blood skin is very thick, obviously not Fiery staff can be killed. The ice dragon spat for the second time, and the staff of the fierce sun looked desperate and was frozen to death. For two rounds in a row, the mysterious summoner from the Netherlands killed the staff of the fierce sun with the art of dragon control! At 2:1, the Dutch team pulled back a game! In the fourth game, the Great Qin Empire fought against the same Berserker. After the axe flying and slashing, the Great Qin Empire won two games with its equipment advantage. With a big score of 3:1, the Temple of the Moon has obviously won the game. In the last game of 2V2, the Dutch team, which had no fighting spirit at all, was scored another point. As a result, the Temple of the Moon won 4-1 and entered the winner's group. Feier announced the results of the battle with a smile, while Wang Junjie was elated. Several people who rushed back to their battle robes laughed and said, "Well, the Temple of the Moon can easily slay your opponent!" The seven-star lantern smiled coldly: "Kill a rookie team and be proud like this. Look at your worthless appearance!" "You!" Wang Junjie was so angry that he was almost suffocated by a word from the other side. In the next game, Shenzhu VS Far Away,stainless steel needle valve, Shenzhu from Russia was obviously superior in strength, winning five games in a row, and defeated his opponent with a proud score of 5:0. The whole team of four heavy armor professions, almost all rely on heavy blows, sweeping thousands of troops, homeopathic chop, flame chop such ordinary skills to win, obviously the strength is completely above the opponent, which makes people surprised,14 needle valve, the strength of God casting, I am afraid far more terrible than we imagined! Then came the strong collision between the two teams in the winner's group, the Moon Temple VS God Casting, and on the big screen, the match between the two sides soon came out. 1V1: Han Xin LV-232 VS Wilderness Mountain Village LV-229 1V 1: Daqin Empire LV-227 VS Snow Night LV-231 1V1: Sword Flying LV-227 VS Sand Bird LV-230 1V1: Fiery Staff LV-230 VS Imperial Sword LV-238 2V2: Han Xin LV-232 & Jian Fei Yang LV-227 VS Sand Bird LV-230 & Imperial Sword LV-238 …… Shenzhu deserves to be the first team of the superpower. In terms of rank alone, it is already firmly above the Temple of the Moon. Obviously, the opponent can't earn any advantage. Han Xin stepped onto the stage and smiled contemptuously: "What's so great about high level? What I'm best at is killing high-level players. Just wait and see!" The Imperial Sword could not understand Chinese, but it was obvious that the other side looked arrogant, so the Imperial Sword frowned, shook his head and smiled, and carried his helmet into the competition room. Ling Xue put down the magazine in her hand, looked up at it and said with a smile, "It seems that the Temple of the Moon is doomed to touch the iron plate this time." "Why do you say that, Ling Xue?" Asked Ziyue. Ling Xue smiled and explained, "Sword of the Empire, Hidden Profession, Swordsman of the Earth, ball valve manufacturer ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, Level 238. This is definitely not what the Fiery Sun Staff can win. The rest of them are not bad either. On the contrary, in the Temple of the Moon, except for the two games in which Han Xin is in charge, the rest seem to have no chance of winning." "Oh, so.." Soon, the first game began, Han Xin VS Wilderness Mountain Village! Wilderness Mountain Village is a 229-level swordsman player. After the opening, he roared a full moon chop, and then stood proudly in the jungle with a long sword.
Han Xin unhurriedly lost skills, less than 10 seconds, the opponent into a white light flew out! For two consecutive games, Han Xin won cleanly! Ziyue opened her mouth wide and said, "Wow, it's not true. So it seems that the Temple of the Moon will win!" Ling Xue smiled shallowly: "Silly Ziyue, how could it be possible? The Russian team must have expected that the Moon Temple would send Han Xin to play the first game, so they gave him their weakest member. This is Tian Ji's horse racing strategy. You see, the next three games are guaranteed to make the Moon Temple cry!" Purple Moon Doubtful: "Is it really so magical?" I also smiled: "That's basically the case, just watch!" " At the beginning of the second game, the Great Qin Empire VS Snow Night! "Brush!" A sky suit of the Great Qin Empire, holding a bright light shaking tomahawk, stands proudly in the boulder valley, while the opponent is a pretty Russian girl, typical, with ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings at the corners of her mouth. No wonder people say that Russian beauty is the best in the world. Snow Night, Gender: Female, Level: 231, Class: Knight! The beautiful Russian girl holds a long sword, an aqua blue shield on her left arm, four pieces of ice bone equipment all over her body, a crescent moon at the corners of her mouth, and a very graceful smile. The strange uncle of the Great Qin Empire was angry. "How dare you laugh? You look down on me, don't you?" The system translated the language, and the snowy night immediately shook his head and laughed: "No, come on, let's fight!" " "Well, if you want to fight, I'll fight!" The Great Qin Empire brandished a tomahawk and rushed over, but on a snowy night it stayed where it was. It actually used it to hold its position, and gave a light shout: "Jungle Guardian!" "Brush" a few times, a vine shadow around the snowy night, a short time to reduce damage by 80%, is a single P skill against the sky! This is not to mention, after the end of the two skills CD, the snowy night is a light drink: "Golden Armor!" "Wow!" A piece of golden light fell, congealed into a piece of golden armor leaves wrapped around the exquisite body of the snowy night, the defense power increased by 70%! I couldn't help exclaiming, "Oh, my God, this snowy night …" It's too hard to fight. Ling Xue nodded: "Yes, yes, this time the Great Qin Empire, who is known as a high attack warrior, is going to lose face..." Voice just fell, the big screen of the Great Qin Empire has launched an attack,14 tube fitting, the axe raised, with a trace of flame fell on the shield of the snowy night! "Bang!" The sparks are flying, and an amazing damage number is flying-97! …… "Huh?" 。

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