The left arm is equipped with a new treasure that Qiu Tian got in Tianbao, a transparent light red stone like a bullet. This equipment was so strange that Qiu Tian's left arm was exposed, and Qiu Tian's white and tender left arm, which was not a strong man, was exposed, seemingly without a trace of defense. But if you look carefully, you will find that on the left arm, countless tiny flame dark lines are printed in it, like tattoos. After Qiu Tian got the treasure, it took him a long time to implant it into his left arm. For it, Qiu Tian also gave his arm an arrogant name-the extremely handsome arm of death. The last treasure is the pair of red boots that Qiu Tian wears on his feet. Unfortunately, it is not clear whether they are good or bad, and only Qiu Tian who wears them on his feet can know. Shadow Armor, Deadly Spirit, Breaking the Void. This is the booty that Qiu Tian has consumed all his efforts and time for a while. In fact,Dissolved Gas Flotation, Qiu Tian wanted to subdue the jade ruler that had caused him to fail to go back, not for his own use, but to smash it, but unfortunately he did not find the treasure. Shadow Suit: Immortal Best Defense: 1200 Attack: 180 Additional skills: External Body: When using the skill, a shadow with the same offensive and defensive power as the real body can appear to cooperate with each other. The cooldown is three months. Sovereign Defense: Has a solid defense barrier that can withstand any attack below the immortal level. Cooldown: 48 hours. The basic value of this shadow suit is too high, and the key is to add an attack value,fine bubble diffuser, which has never been seen in previous equipment. Although there are only two additional skills, and the cooldown takes a long time, each one is a very abnormal skill. In order to get him, Qiu Tian was tortured at that time and even had the heart to die. Deadly Spirit: Acura Fire Stone Defense: 0 Attack: 0 Additional skills: Fusion: Combines with the user's body, giving the fused part of the user's body boundless fire power. It was a coincidence that Qiu Tian got the sacred stone, because it was the smallest in the treasure house. Qiu Tian always had the curiosity to kill the cat, so he tried his best to subdue it. The last treasure is the boots. Broken Void: The Best Fairy Ware Attack: 0 Defense: 0 Additional skills: Clutch: It can be turned into dust when used. The cooling time is 12 hours. Step through heaven and earth: through the void, reach the designated place in an instant, with a limited distance of three kilometers. The cooling time is 3 minutes. You Yi Gan Kun: Increases Reiki recovery time. These three pieces of the best equipment are all Qiu Tian's painstaking efforts in Tianbao. At that time, if it were not for Youmu, he could not see past it and helped Qiu Tian. Maybe Qiu Tian will come out empty-handed. Not knowing how long they had walked at the bottom of the sea of blood, Lamella Plate Settler ,disc air diffuser, they came to a wide platform. Granny Huan, open the Shura Way. I have something to go out. When Youmu grabbed Qiu Tian with his soft but cold hands and jumped onto the high platform together, Youmu said to the high platform. Admire the words exit, a shadow slowly gathered on the high platform. In a moment, a white-haired old woman appeared there. With the appearance of the old woman, the torrent at the bottom of the sea of blood surged, and they all flashed back to one side. The whole high platform has become a vacuum. The old woman, leaning on her crutches, kept groping for the road ahead. She looked like a blind man. As she walked, she said to Youmu, "Emperor, when you were not in the Shura world, those guys didn't know what to do." Don't worry, they dare not, I will come back. I really have something important to go out this time. There's already news of him. Said Youmu to the old woman. When the old woman heard Youmu say'he ', her figure was obviously stiff. Qiu Tian looked at the old woman strangely and wondered at the same time: "How can this blind man hear what others say?"? "Then you'd better go to find His Majesty the Blood Emperor. The old slave is here to help you watch.".
"When the old woman had finished, she turned to Qiu Tian and said," Young man, who says a blind man can't hear? " Novel net updates the fastest, registered users land every day to send Q coins, telephone charges are www.. Com That's awesome! Recommend bookmarking the previous chapter of the table of contents and the next chapter Warm tips: key around () around the page, up and down (↑ ↓) scroll up and down, enter key: return to the top of the table of contents, my bookshelf will be added to the bookshelf aftertaste library www.hweisk.com, please support! If you want to read more about the latest chapters of the novel, please return to the front page of the aftertaste library. Permanent address: www.hweisk.com. Copyright ? Recall the stacks All rights reserved. Chapter 91 out of bounds Aftertaste Library > Online Games Born Waste Table of Contents > Text Chapter 91 Out of Bounds Search This Novel's Fastest Update Aftertaste Library Book Introduction Chapter Table of Contents My Bookshelf Add Bookshelf Add Bookmark Recommended Book TXT Download Convert Traditional Select Background Color: Select Font Size: font 1 font 2 font3 Chapter 91 of the main text is out of bounds. The old woman, known as the phantom mother-in-law, whose eyeballs deep in the eye sockets had turned gray-white, was now looking at Qiu Tian. (Baidu Search www.). Com Win Q Coins, Novel Network) 3 Knowing that the old woman was blind, Qiu Tian still had the feeling of being spied on. And being able to know what Qiu Tian was thinking made Qiu Tian feel even more creepy. "I'm sorry, madam. I didn't mean to offend you." Qiu Tian hurriedly smiled and apologized, not daring to think about it in his heart, but only thinking about the admiration of the old woman in front of him. The old woman suddenly laughed, and the sound of her laughter made people tremble. It was really ugly. The young man is quite good at talking. Emperor, I'll open the passage for you. As the old woman spoke,disc air diffuser, she waved the black jade crutch in her hand, and on this high platform, a door of space familiar to Qiu Tian immediately appeared. khnwatertreatment.com

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