After waiting for her car to start, he slowly and leisurely followed her far away and followed her. Her car was parked in the old house of the Ye family. This place had already been mortgaged when the Ye family was in distress. Now that the mortgage has long passed, the house has been sealed up and no one has entered it. She, on the other hand, was so familiar with the road that she went straight to the fence on the other side of the flowers, revealing a gap just enough for a person to pass through. The slender and petite figure went in like this. Why does Ye Qingqing come here so frequently at night? If she wanted to go home, she could come during the day. Why did she have to wait until the early morning? Chapter 2329 of the main text, she is digging. Ye Jingyan was stunned, stopped the car quietly, opened the door and got off, and quietly stepped up to follow. After all, he is also trained, the footsteps are very light, do not let Ye Qingqing find, it is easy. He followed to the side railing and peered through the gap. Ye Qingqing had already walked into the yard, she looked around, as if recalling something, and then gestured on the ground, looking for some location. Then she chose a place where she took out a small flag and tied it down. Then she got up, and I don't know where she went to the corner,24v Gear Motor, but she took out a small hoe. Ye Jingyan was slightly stunned and saw Ye Qingqing not far away, actually digging the ground! Isn't she sick? Why did you come here to dig in the middle of the night, regardless of your body and wearing so thin? Ye Jingyan was even more surprised. He wanted to come forward to help, but he thought of Ann's words and dared not come forward. During the period of hesitation, Ye Qingqing was already very skilled, digging a small hole in the ground, and then digging deeper bit by bit. She looked very cautious,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, as if she was afraid of breaking something. What's under the ground? Ye Jingyan simply waited by the side, wanted to see first, and when she needed help, he appeared again. But Ye Qingqing looks like she has good physical strength and doesn't need help at all. Ye Jingyan couldn't help but think that in the description of An Xiaowan, Ye Qingqing was very ill, and she needed to be accompanied and supported when she came out, and she was in a very bad state. So, did An Xiaowan cheat him, or did Ye Qingqing hide something from them? About half an hour later, Ye Qingqing finally dug the exact location. With a sigh of relief and a touch of joy on her face, she bent down and took out a small box from the hole she had dug. Opening the box, she checked the contents before closing the lid. From a distance, Ye Qingqing's expression looked very relaxed and happy, as if he had found something very important. She quickly put the thing in her bag, Micro Gear Motor ,small geared motors, and then bit by bit, buried the hole. Then he began to look for another place. She ran upstairs. Ye Jingyan also went in and quietly followed him far away. Ye Qingqing went upstairs, searched for some time, and stayed in Mr. Ye's room. Then there was another rummage. She found a code box. But tried many times, did not try out the password, for a time some difficult irritability up. She threw the box down and tried to find something else. You look like a thief who broke into someone's house. Ye Jingyan stood in the corridor and finally could not help but step forward. Sunny. He spoke softly and called to her. Ye Ning heard this voice, suddenly a stiff, suddenly shocked. For an instant, she was so frightened that her whole body was cold and her head began to buzz. Her fingertips trembled and she tried not to cry out. Why would anyone be here?! Ye Ning was frightened and raised his eyes for a long time before he could react. In front of, unexpectedly is Ye Jingyan! Ye Ning's heartbeat thump thump thump speed up, dull for several seconds, just to Ye Jingyan's eyes, take a deep breath and stop. She didn't speak. Ye Jingyan looked at her, his eyes full of anxiety and tension, but he found that Ye Qingqing's body was indeed no problem. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been active for so long, and I didn't feel out of breath. Chapter 2330 of the main text trust me. So, since it won't affect her body, he should be able to appear.
Ye Jingyan stepped forward and said softly, "Qingqing, don't be afraid. I have no other purpose. I'm just worried about you, so I followed you." Ye Ning's mood is very confused. She didn't know how to get into the role of Ye Qingqing for a moment. On Ye Jingyan's eyes, she found that all the camouflage is more difficult than imagined. It took her a while to find her sanity. Then, don't open your head, with Ye Qingqing that slightly arrogant and slightly unhappy tone, "you follow me?" Ye Jingyan immediately felt nervous and quickly explained, "No, I just want to." I wanted to watch you far away from the door, and then I found you out in the middle of the night, afraid of your danger, so I followed you. Ye Ning ignored him and simply went straight ahead. He followed quickly and reached out to take her slender arm gently. Qingqing, no matter what you have experienced there, you can tell me. Why on earth are you sneaking out alone now? Is it because you are afraid of someone? Or don't trust what? I can help you! Seeing that Ye Qingqing still did not move and did not look back, Ye Jingyan hurriedly continued to speak. Even if you hate me, it doesn't matter, at this time, who will be more worthy of your trust than me? Ye Jingyan said, with a trace of bitterness and bitterness in his voice. He loves Ye Qingqing, and everyone knows how much he loves her. Therefore, he is her most trustworthy person, at any time, will not leave her alone. Ye Ning heard this, but it was extremely painful, not a trace of touching. Her hand tightened at her side,Planetary Gear Motor, and at an angle he could not see, her eyes were full of hatred, and her beautiful face was twisted. I hate it! He was so deeply in love with another woman.

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