Thomas Makled
04-07-18 16 Aufrufe

Hi all, 

My name is Tom Makled. I'm a degrowth organizer and environmental policy graduate student from Michigan, USA, and I'll be looking for a couch or floor to sleep on during the conference. 

I love to share meals and would like to offer my time to compensate for my stay, whether that means helping to cook, clean, split the grocery bill, walk your dog...whatever is needed. 

This is my first trip overseas, and I'm excited to join the conference and learn about Malmö, degrowth, art, culture, beer, etc etc. 

You can reach me here or at 


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Willkommen auf der Degrowth Malmö Börse für Schlafplätze und mehr. Bei Fragen meldet euch bei accommodation AT . // Welcome to the Degrowth Malmö Börse for sleeping spaces and more. If you have any questions, contact accommodation AT .