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Dear people,

my partner and I are happily opening our home to you (3 people) during EndeGelände. In our livingroom, we can acoomodate 3 people on comfy pull-out-couches (one for a couple, one single). If possible, bring your sleeping bag, that's all you need. 

We are located near the Station "Hansaring" and "Ebertplatz" - you reach the central station within 15 minutes from our doorstep. The apartment has a balcony where you can regenerate and collect new energy. :-) 

Since we are only interim tenants in this apartment, it's very important to us that our guests are respectful and not too noisy. 

Looking very forward to sharing our home with you and getting to know you.

Love, Luka

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Willkommen bei der Bettenbörse für die Protestaktionen vom 19. -24.06 Juni im Rheinland // Welcome to the Accommodation platform for people comming to the protest from 19th til 24th June in the Rhineland

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