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Due to reasons, I have one (1) full ticket for IAA Mobility to offer. Ever wanted a taste of the dark side of the force? I heard they've got cookies.

The ticket includes entry to the whole exhibition and (perhaps more important) a full-time ticket for Public Transport in Munich from September 07-12 (MVV zone M, I guess).

NB: You have to register online beforehand, i.e., disclose your real name and probably address. This ticket is also linked to my real name, so please be considerate.

Feel free to contact me using Threema (KJFDZAW45) or email (moeve [at] If available, attach your PGP public key.
Sorry if I do not respond immediately.

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Willkommen auf der IAA-Protest-Börse für Schlafplätze, gemeinsame Anreise und mehr. Bei Fragen meldet euch bei mitmachen AT . // Welcome to the IAA-Protest-Börse for sleeping spaces, shared travel and more. If you have any questions, contact mitmachen AT .